Cookies compassion program
$0.01 Gummies For Those Who Deserve it Most.
Starts on March 29, 2023
at participating cookies and lemonnade locations (ca only). LEARN IF YOU QUALIFY BELOW.
Cookies was born out of California's medical marijuana community and we are forever indebted to the patients who sparked the entire legalization movement.
To show our appreciation for the cannabis community, participating California Cookies and Lemonnade dispensaries are offering $0.01 Cookies Gummies to customers who are on active military duty, and/or who have Veteran status and customers who are on verified government assistance programs.
To learn more about the program in California, check out our FAQs
Frequently asked questions
When does the program begin?

Select $0.01 Cookies Gummies will be available for purchase on March 29, 2023 across all participating Cookies and Lemonnade dispensaries, while supplies last. Check with your local Cookies and Lemonnade dispensary for more details.

How long will you be offering discounted Gummies?

Stores will offer $0.01 Cookies Gummies while supplies last.

How do I know if I'm eligible for the program?

You must show that you're: (1) 21+ years of age or show a valid California medical card AND (2a) Active military or have veteran status OR (2b) Enrolled in a qualifying government assistance program. When showing proof of qualification, Cookies will not retain any personal information.

How do I show that I'm active military or a veteran?

Please show one of the following forms of government identification: (1) Military ID Card (active duty, National Guard, Reserves, IRR, or retiree) (2) VA Issued ID Card for Health Care (3) Veterans ID Card (4) Veterans Designation on Driver License or State Veterans ID Card

What type of government assistance programs qualifies for participation in the Cookies Compassion Program and how do I show I can participate?

The following programs will qualify for government assistance: Section 8 Housing, MEDI-CAL, CALFRESH and CALIFORNIA EDD participants. Native Americans on assistance from the Bureau of Indian Affairs also qualify for the Cookies Compassion Program. When you check in at the dispensary to show proof of age on government approved identification, we will also ask for one of the following cards to validate your participation in the program: Medi-cal, Calfresh (formerly known as the "Food Stamp Program"), California EDD, Section 8 Housing

What price will you be offering discounted gummies?

$0.01 for select Cookies gummies.

Will there be any limits?

Yes, we will limit the purchase of qualified products to 2 boxes of gummies per customer per day.

Which products are available for this discount?

We will offer Fish Scale and Lychee gummies on March 29, 2022, while supplies last.

Will this be available outside of California?

Not at this time

Which locations are participating?

Cookies Coalinga, Cookies Mission Valley, Berner's on Haight, Cookies Maywood, Cookies Redding. Find your local Cookies here